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Originally Posted by gator15 View Post
As a current F30 owner, I have to disagree. I do not feel duped and in fact, feel quite safe in my 328i. True, on this new test, the F30 did not perform that well, but the other cars that I would considering buying, the Audi and the Merc did even worse. If you watch the crash, the upper parts of the body are well protected and there is little movement. Frankly, if I can leave a crash as severe as this one with broken legs/ankles and no chest or head trauma, I would feel pretty lucky.

I highly doubt that older models would perform better than the F30 in this test. The weight difference between the E90 and F30 has little to do with why the F30 did poorly in this test. Crash tests are all about crumple zones, not weight. Obviously, the F30's crumple zone in this test is poorly designed for the footwell. I am sure that in future models, BMW will keep this test in mind as they design their cars.
meh, coming from an owner of 4 e90s, and having witnessed a few 200kmph crashes with these cars i can safely say that they never had so much intrusion..... lol this is unacceptable I definitely would not want to be in that car, considering how the interior folds onto the passengers... E90 ftmfw. ohhh and i hope u know im just busting your balls...

I would LOVE to see the e90 on this new test just so we can get and idea of how the cars really stack up.... cant compare the two crash test ratings now because all of the variables have different meaning... but the F30 looks more flimsy, seems more cheaply put together. I had just bought a new 335xi a few months ago, i could have gotten an F30 or an E90.... both of them were in alpine white so it was a good comparison.... the E90 just looks and feels like a more solid vehicle, I am convinced.

E90 for life, long live the legacy, bring bangle back!
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