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Originally Posted by maxnix View Post
Not the law of physics as much as the encounters with with incompetent drivers and a few incompetent riders. Motorcycles are fairly safe until a car pulls out in front of you and you T bone it. Then there are always a few riders that think they are a lot better than they are and the road is always going to be good to them.
I agree. I was referring to the earlier centrifugal force comment. Motorcycles are "very safe" until someone else tries to kill you on one. Unfortunately that is ALL THE TIME. You are just way more exposed when this happens. 16X more likely to die per mile when compared to a car. Pointing a gun at your head is very safe until you pull the trigger.

The difference is, when it comes to riding a motorcycle, someone is eventually going to pull the trigger for you. I see motorcyclists in the emergency department all the time and they just "can't believe" that a@@hole "cut them off". Lots of people, at times, are not paying attention when they drive. Thats why cars have crumple zones, seat belts and umpteen airbags now. So when you design a mode of transportation that is much more likely to not be seen and then eliminate all of those safety systems, its not really surprising to see such a high percentage of deaths in the ED involving motorcycles. So its the other drivers that screw you, and then the laws of physics that smash your head into the ground.

The bottom line is, it's quite dangerous over time no matter how you slice it. If someone enjoys it and wants to "live a little" thats totally cool with me (not that it matters what I think), but most don't understand the magnitude of the risk. (although I still don't understand why I get a ticket for not buckling up, but its ok to ride a motorcycle; in many places without a helmet.) Many rationalize that they are extremely skilled on a bike and its just those that don't know what they are doing that are at high risk which simply isn't true.
But don't get me wrong, I very much respect your right to ride, want it to be fun and hope you stay safe!