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I found that I was dreading coming to a stop to see how much the engine would shake the car when ASS stops the engine. Sometimes it's as smooth as silk and I think hey, this is great, and then other times it's so violent that I think the engine is going to rip itself out of the mounts. Plus, as was said before, the car lurches when this happens and everyone it the cars feels it.

Same on restart; sometimes it's really smooth, and other times it's really rough. No real pattern.

Then, once, I was in a intersection ASS stalled the engine on restart.

I was stopped in the intersection, ASS kicked in, I let my foot off the brake, and the engine stalled. The iDrive bings with a fault saying that ASS failed, I had to scramble to re-press the brake, push the start button, then press the throttle to go and end up just reving the engine. Looked at the shifter and realized that the car put itself in NEUTRAL! My adrenaline is pumping like crazy while I selected drive while getting honked at by people behind me. This is not something I want to repeat and definitely not something I want my wife to deal with!

So, I coded my car to remember the last ASS setting and I leave the dang thing off; I couldn't be happier. I don't worry about my engine stalling or shaking, or lurching any more.

If BMW can address these issues, I'd be the first to re-enable ASS, but not the way it works now.

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