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Originally Posted by monza2t View Post
I think its just a shift in how we expect cars to operate goes against 100 years of conventional wisdom on cars operation. We have to remember that this is going to end up on EVERY car as we are quickly approaching the absolute max we can get from the ICE in terms of efficiency. Cant avoid it forever.

10% increase over a large population of vechicles is probably the single largest improvement ever.
They're going after the wrong people.

Stands to reason that we 1%'ers who can afford a $50,000 German luxury car are also the ones who are the most aware of a green lifestyle. While the US is #2 in worldwide carbon monoxide contribution behind China, only 5% comes from residential vehicles. 95% comes from trucks, buses, trains, ocean freight, planes, chemical plants, and electricity.

Instead of targeting luxury car owners, they should be going after FedEx or GE. Of course "every bit helps", but in the grand scheme of things a single cancelled FedEx flight will have more upside to the environment than all of us reading this thread and our already-quite-green F30's for our lifetimes.