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Originally Posted by boltjames View Post
Stands to reason that we 1%'ers who can afford a $50,000 German luxury car are also the ones who are the most aware of a green lifestyle. While the US is #2 in worldwide carbon monoxide contribution behind China, only 5% comes from residential vehicles. 95% comes from trucks, buses, trains, ocean freight, planes, chemical plants, and electricity.
I certainly wont disagree with you there! Unfortunatly according to our legislators (reglardless of party) us Middle Class have to fix the problem, not BIG business (the ones actually doing most of the CO2 production).

There is also the buying foreign oil issue & utilization of a finite supply of fuel, which I feel is just as important as CO2 output.

and for the record, I dont want this reply to be construed as a political dig at any one party. I think they both suck. Politicians are all liars.
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