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Originally Posted by Frogman View Post
Sorry, I have to amend what the TCM_MSA_MEMORY coding change does for me.

If ASS is disabled, switching from Comfort to Sport and back leaves ASS disabled as stated before. Also, switching to ECO PRO re-enables ASS.

The correction is that then switching back to Comfort or Sport will NOT re-disable ASS, it stays enabled, so you have to manually disable ASS again. Oh well...

This sounds exactly like the behavior described by Frankisme after getting the SIB/TSB retrofit.
With the TSB retrofit...

If I never, ever use Eco Pro mode and only toggle between Sport and Comfort, if I disable ASS once it will then 'stick' and stay off no matter how many times I turn the engine on/off and switch between Sport and Comfort. Is that accurate? It's only Eco Pro mode that reintroduces ASS 'on', yes?