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Not trying to sink your post OP, but I paid close to what your asking for my '14 Mperf...brand new. From same dealer. And the black grills came with this specific configuration of the car. Notice in a couple of posts you purport to have added them? Also had mine for a year (17K kms) and also thinking of swapping for an F80 (wasn't available when I got this one). Luckily mine is leased and I got a good deal so I shouldn't have trouble getting it lease busted, but if I had to sell, I wouldn't see getting much more than 55K for it. Someone up there ^^ was also correct in stating that the buyer THEN has to pay Ontario Government the RST (Retail Sales Tax of 13%) on the purchase price or wholesale price (Red Book) of the car (whichever is greater):

But's a free market. You can ask whatever price you want. If your serious about selling, you'll likely have to lower it.