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Originally Posted by Fastdriverinca999 View Post
I tried to IM you... Have you found optimal EQ settings for the 2013 Harmon Kardon system?

I saw your previous posts indicating that you have the right equipment to measure frequency response and tune the system.

Using the stock "flat" settings sounds muddy and distant. I am sure there are better setttings to make such a system sound better.
I know your asking someone else, and I don't have that kind of equipment.
But, I've fiddled and fiddled with the EQ in the HK system and have come to the conclusion that it makes very little difference in getting a better sound.

Frankly, with a good CD the system sounds great, and all you need is a touch of eq to compensate for your own hearing and preferences.
Left flat on the eq and just using the treble and bass CD's sound great with the HK.
Also, FM sounds good too as far as FM goes.
My iPod sounds good too, but the files I have are not overly compressed.

The problem is satellite. It's AWFUL and no amount of eq can fix that.
It's simply a bad/poor source of material as it's highly compressed with a lot of tonal information stripped away so they can pack even more channels into the transmission bandwidth they have.

Have you played some CD's or high quality .wav or MP3's?
That will give you a better appreciation for how good the HK can be.

Also, I do not like Logic7 with any source, but with satellite it's really bad.
Sat audio is compressed that it messes up the sound stage to begin with.
Add in L7 and staging becomes even worse.
With CD's it doesn't mess with it too badly, but the space L7 attempts to create is not to my liking.

L7 is an attempt to compensate for the limitations of aural staging inherent in the car environment. Stereo imaging is best when the listener is within the "sweet spot", which is pretty much in between the left and right speakers/drivers. As you know, the only seating position in the car that fits that is the center of the backseat.
Since the driver and passengers sit outside the sweet spot, L7 attempts to create a sound stage where each corner can actually hear both channels.
But, the problem is how can you optimize each corner?
L7 attempts to do that, but sound travels, so any phasing manipulation you do to compensate for each corner will result in those sound waves travelling to all the other corners, and now you have another situation of not being in the optimal position.

Maybe it would be better if L7 offered some settings where the driver can select a program to compensate for stereo staging just for the driver when it's only the driver, and then select another program for just the front seats when there is also a passenger. The rear passengers? Oh well, too bad.
Just having some music playing in the background is good enough for that, because when there are that many people in the car usually people are talking to each other anyway.