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Originally Posted by David325Australia View Post
You know, with this SLOW movement in obtaining any info concerning specific build dates, it comes across as if the dealers are dragging their feet.

Hopefully this NOT the case, but when you read the main forum thread on the M-Sport production, the US orders - albeit from a working assembly line in Germany - have so much information at their fingertips, it makes me almost cry. Their orders are out the door and on ships already!!!

Our orders seem to be in slow motion. Still, as far as I am aware, Rosslyn M-Sport production) comes on line either next week (15th July) or 1st week of August.

With the time so close, why don't we have better communication from the factory?

Why can't we have factory build details here?

VERY frustrating, especially so close in time now.

Calm down and meditate: "M-Sport, M-Sport, Estoril Blue, M-Sport……."
Totally agree... When reading through the main M-Sport order thread, the US guys have a lot more info on hand and it seems like their builds are already much further ahead compared to ours....

Is this just another 'awesomeness' of being in Aus...