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Originally Posted by nemith View Post
Also can anyone tell me why the majority of you assume that BMW owners are backers of Romney? I am not seeing the relation except that we tend to make a couple more bucks.
because most people associate money with people a Republican. I have a Democrat friend that I got in an arguement and couldn't understand why im Republican if I don't have money. Why wouldn't I want the government giving me money is exactly what they said. I can't respect a party who thinks like that.
That and the disgusting crap I saw when obama first got elected where people I work with seriously thought they were gonna get money from obama. Like he was gonna make their lives better. 4 years later and they are just as broke as before and hate obama now. His platform played on peoples emotions and ignorance. I want to strive for my success in this country, and I don't want the government giving me anything except less taxes and freedom.