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Well said

Originally Posted by nemith View Post
Agreed. Killing someone on foreign soil without any due process is not something to be proud of, but again Romney also stands behind this decision.

Well depending on the week even Romney agrees with this move. It's not a very polarity point. It is really tough to say what would happen without the auto bailout. Although I agree that goverment interaction should be limited it really does look like the American auto makers have actually improved their cars (although I will keep my BMW thank you very much)

The economy is better than when Obama went into office. It's apparently quite easy to kill the economy in a very short time frame with little regulations and over expanded markets.

The one thing to note is that trickle down economics are not going to work and they haven't worked in the past. During the Bush era and even now we have the widest gap in-between the rich and poor. Statistics have proven that the US economy grows when this gap is smaller and there is a strong middle class. I keep hearing both candidates talk about it but with little plans to actually do anything about it.

What I do know is that some of the programs that Romney and Ryan are proposing are directly against growing the middle class and shrinking the income gap. Haven't we got the proof that giving tax cuts to the rich, giving more the the military complex ISN'T going to work. The rich will keep the income and still work on the lowest bottom line. That's just business sense, but that doesn't run a county.

FYI. Being that I make six figures (and not much more) qualifies me as the rich and I am ok with being taxed more. It's sad when ~130k a year qualifies you for the top 5% of income in the NATION while the average income is around 30k. There is something very fucked up about this.

Now not to say that I agree with over spending of money either. I with the GOP would give me a proper candidate and then I will start voting that direction

Weak? You know how you get the world from putting a target on you. Start working with the world instead of acting like you own it. We funded the terrorist and trained them and gave them money in the 70s to fight russia for us. Now we act all surprised when then go after us.

Going in with a heavy fist is every little schirmish is not the way to improve our standing in the world. I do agree that we need to still maintain a world power but fighting pointless never ending wars only HURT the country and our economy. Give me a more civil president on foreign policy.

So first of all there was no attack on any embassy. It was a foreign consulate so it doesn't count as us soil. Romney made this same mistake multiple times. It doesn't lessen the impact of the attack, but you can't go making claims about US soil when it's clearly not true.

Also the rumors of Obama apologizing is completely made up by the Romney campaign.

Remember that the majority of Libyans had nothing to do with the attack and that we are still working with and building

Well both Romney and Obama want to cut corporate taxes. Right now the US has one of the highest corporate tax, but there are so many loopholes and government programs that the realized corporate tax in some cases can be zero. Fixing this so that companies may look at the US for manufacturing and offices should be a priority. Neither candidate has step up here.

And there was a republican who was in office right after a little economic down turned called ...oh.. the Great Depression called Herber Hoover who inacted the Emergency Relief and Construction Act which was exactly to get americans back to work by working on government programs. So it has actually worked in the past (although the WWII also did help, but i wouldn't be recommending that)

I am not sure I follow this rant besides just being a parrot of the Romney campaign. Who got repaid?

In the companies that were invested actually only a slim number were not successful. Telsa is actually one that Romney tried to turn into a flop is actually very successful.

Now I do agree that this kind of spending and backing of companies is over extending the governments control. There are times like this that this that I wish I had another option.

The issue here is NOT Solyndra or any other company that is being invested in but the control and position of the federal government. Solyndra is just a buzz word to excite the morons who can't see beyond dramatized headlines.

Funny if you look into Romney's record as a business man making investments via Bain Capital there is a lot of examples that have failed as well. Now of course this isn't the issue.

Has anyone actually looked into what Obamacare is? Obamacare is not the same as UK or Canada where there is a single-payer system (i.e the government). Obama care is NOT government controlled socialized healthcare.

Healthcare is still private, companies and individuals still pay into healthcare.

Romney deployed the exact same model in Mass. and only now that he is a puppet of the GOP has he gone 100% of the offensive against it. Obamacare may not be perfect but you don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

Healtcare is expensive. There is no cheap option in the US for healtcare and we have one of the best health systems in the world, but the fact that you can be denied health care due to pre-exisitng conditions is just wrong!

And healthcare only works if the number of health people out weigh the sick. So there needs to be a way to increase the pool of people who pay in. Now maybe you disagree with Obamacare, but I want a real answer to this instead of just "overturning".

In NO WAY does Obamacare mean that the wealthy pay for healthcare of the poor. Even in the older healthcare system WE already paid for coverage of those without insurance. The reason why health costs are so high is that hospitals, clinics, etc need to cover the bill for those who don't pay.

I agree that we need to fix the tax system for businesses but taxing business owners are not the same as taxing a business. We need to find a way to boost the income of the lower and middle classes and so far the track record has shown that the wealthily just get wealthier under a trickle-down economy.

Now I 100% agree with you about the roll and reach of the _federal_ government and this is why I so badly want to be a republican. The problem is that the republican party has somehow aligned itself with the religious nut cases. What part of smaller federal government is the part were we define that a legal marriage is between a man and a woman. What part of less federal government influence talks about abortion and women's rights?

Oh come on. Obama isn't a saint, but Romney has been proven multiple times this election about down right lying.

What about the latest gaff about Jeep moving to China? Jeep has had to debunk that myth multiple times and Romney is still trying to jam it down everyones throat.

Look at the debate in Colorado. Fact checkers have proven that most of what Romney had said was either a far stretch or a down right lie.

The fact is that I don't agree with either party and I wish I could have a change, but I truly believe that a Romney lead government would be detrimental to the United States. Some one tell the GOP to wake the fuck up and go back to true Republican fundamentals and I will vote for that person.