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Originally Posted by djse60 View Post
I test drove a AH3 last wed on a open highway here and on a 20 miles stretch car was showing Average MPG at 35.8 and I was enjoying it on certain parts. I could see 40.

I do about 17 miles to work each way each day and about 11 of it is highway.
Ironically, I also have a 17mi commute into work, with the same amount of highway. The first few days I had it, I did some resets while driving in, and saw some incredible 40mpg stints. Unfortunately, for "averages" it just doesn't hold up. Like most every car, the mpg really suffers as you're taking off from a stop. Obviously in Eco Pro the car uses battery to assist. But that may work from 0-5mph, or even 0-25mph if you're really gentle on the throttle. But still that early range up to speed sucks gas like crazy. Enough to hold mpg average down.

Again, not trying to burst any bubbles here.. but there are around 7 of us here with an AH3, and as far as I can tell (and has been reported), the EPA estimates are pretty spot-on. I only stress this point here, because it is important for potential buyers to have proper expectations.

I also recommend signing up at so you have a nice/easy way to track mpg when you get your new car.
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