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I really dislike this car for what it represents.

And it's not the brand's dilution per se that bothers me. What really gets me is knowing that they spent all this money doing a so-so niche car instead of perfecting their main cars.

Seriously, the previous 3, 5 and 7 series all wiped the floor with the competition when they came out. The current ones, however, didn't fare so well in comparison. For crying out loud, the latest Cadillac has been rated a better car than the 3 series, and by a considerable amout of people too.

I understand that the competition is brutal in this day and age, and that manufacturers have to appeal to a broader audience in order to increase their market share. But that shouldn't come at the expense of overall quality.

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here, but seriously, does anyone think that this 3er gt seems like an exceptional car? I don't. The only impression I got from this thing is "awkward".

And it's not about looks either, because this is a highly subjective topic, and previous bmw cars that were extremely controversial turned out to be pretty succesful (the e60 5er being the perfect example).

What I mean is that I don't see any purpose to this car that could not already be fulfilled (and better at it too) by the 3er touring, the x3 or even the x1. So to sum up, IMHO, this is just a big fat waste of money. If you are going to expand your line-up, at least make sure it is with something that adds something else to what you already have to offer.