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Originally Posted by CntryClub007 View Post
Totally! Your car will have plenty of power to have fun, just make sure you have a good brake pad and new fluid. Your OEM's are going to fade after 10 turns. You should be fine from an engine / oil cooling perspective.

Losing brakes isn't fun, but it's something I encourage you to try and better understand the limit of with no other vehicles around you. When you do start to reach that point, mentally slow down and understand that you can't push further, your brakes need to cool down at that point and be smart on the course. I fly a lot of airplanes and see people do dumb shit, for example "gotta get there itis" smart out there, this isn't the Indy 500.

These HPDE events are also great because you get full track at Autobahn. I would never do half circuit, full track is the right experience.

I'm not an auto-cross / parking lot kind of guy, road course is where it is at.

What pads are you running and how old is your brake fluid? Lastly, what tires are you running?

IMO, for these things, to occasionally have fun at these things, you really need:
-Brake (Pad and Fluid)
I'm picking up the car tomorrow from Fall Line Motorsports as they just installed the M Performance limited-slip differential, Motul RBF660 brake fluid (I supplied it), and Pagid RSL29 pads on all 4 corners.

I learned the importance of brakes in my now sold 2016 WRX. My first track day ever was at VIR and I ran the WRX with stock brake fluid (flushed and replaced right before at Subaru dealership) and stock pads. Fluid was boiling in no time and my pedal was going down to the floor ... not very fun on the back straight! Brake fade was bad and my pads were basically melting and glazed the rotors. Surprisingly, I had at least 10k street miles on those pads before the HPDE and ran them without issue commuting for work up to 22k miles before selling the car. They performed horribly, but they lasted. LOL.

The WRX also went into limp mode. Probably from high air intake temps or oil temps. Once I started getting a bit quicker, I noticed the car wouldn't let me rev past ~4k rpms. Basically same effect as hitting the rev limiter, but at only 4k rpm. I went home and swore I wouldn't bother going on track again until I had a car that was more suited to the task. Fast forward to now...

Anyway, the 18th can't get here soon enough! I'm so excited to get back out there!
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