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Revised oil change interval for July 2013+ build

I did a search to see if anyone posted anything on this, but didn't find anything.

I just found some information that BMW has revised their oil change interval and it includes the F30's.

As you all know it was 15K miles or when the ECU would trigger an oil change interval per it's data gathering algorithms.

Now, that interval has been lowered to 10K miles or when the ECU will trigger the interval based on revised algorithms.

This is supposed to affect July 2013 and on builds.
I have read a couple of posts by F30 owners who have taken their car in for it's 15k oil change interval, and after the oil change the information showing the next interval countdown showed 10k miles.
Seems to indicate that there may be change in the software that gets added in with the oil change.

Please post what you guys have been experiencing and if you know more about this change.
Those of you who have a 7/2103 and later build, have you seen the next oil change showing 10k instead of 15k after the oil change?

I'm bit under 10K and about 3 weeks away from having my 335i Msport for a year. So I'll be getting an oil change soon and will see if there is a change and the new count down starting at 10k.
My build is 7/2012 so I don't expect the change.
But then, I don't think there has been any mechanical change for 2013 cars other than new algorithms for when to trigger a change.
Till then I'm interested in others experience with this and info.

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