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Speaking of acquisition and disposition fees. These are, IMO, pretty much BS.

If the acquisition fee were actually based on something, fine. If you purchase a vehicle there is no acquisition fee and yet somehow when you lease it, there's PILES of paperwork (or something) that places a BIG BURDEN on BMW they have to recover $925 to make things "fair."

When you turn it in, they need yet another $350 because it's so much more expensive to handle the paperwork on a lease return than a regular trade in - yeah, right.

It's pretty easy to offer incentives when you've already "padded" the price by $1,250 ($925+$350).

What really ticked me off was my own carelessness. I had a "complete" lease breakdown (in writing) of what I "thought" were all the money issues and it included the acquisition fee BUT there was nothing about a disposition fee. I didn't "catch" the disposition fee when signing off on the final docs because I was in a bit of a hurry and had trusted I was working of a "complete" financial breakdown. While I own that, it didn't/doesn't set well with me because I'm the kind of guy that expects people to be straightforward and have actual settled a labor agreement with a handshake I noticed it a week or so later and seriously thought about making an issue of it but for $350, my time and effort, coupled with the old axiom....."A card laid is a card played," I decided to say screw it. I haven't forgotten.....

(oh, and I'm sure there are other outfits that pull this kind of crap as well)