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Originally Posted by kent11202 View Post
Speaking of acquisition and disposition fees. These are, IMO, pretty much BS.

If the acquisition fee were actually based on something, fine. If you purchase a vehicle there is no acquisition fee and yet somehow when you lease it, there's PILES of paperwork (or something) that places a BIG BURDEN on BMW they have to recover $925 to make things "fair."

When you turn it in, they need yet another $350 because it's so much more expensive to handle the paperwork on a lease return than a regular trade in - yeah, right.

It's pretty easy to offer incentives when you've already "padded" the price by $1,250 ($925+$350).

What really ticked me off was my own carelessness. I had a "complete" lease breakdown (in writing) of what I "thought" were all the money issues and it included the acquisition fee BUT there was nothing about a disposition fee. I didn't "catch" the disposition fee when signing off on the final docs because I was in a bit of a hurry and had trusted I was working of a "complete" financial breakdown. While I own that, it didn't/doesn't set well with me because I'm the kind of guy that expects people to be straightforward and have actual settled a labor agreement with a handshake I noticed it a week or so later and seriously thought about making an issue of it but for $350, my time and effort, coupled with the old axiom....."A card laid is a card played," I decided to say screw it. I haven't forgotten.....

(oh, and I'm sure there are other outfits that pull this kind of crap as well)
Many financing fees are bogus, especially on larger items such as homes and cars. Heck even buying tickets online somehow has a "convenience" fee If it makes you feel any better the disposition fee is waived if you buy/lease another new or certified pre-owned BMW.
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