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Originally Posted by yousefnjr View Post
He's been saying about as much for a few years now. It's like in Game of Thrones when they say "winter is coming"... It's been coming for 5-6 years now, meanwhile Bran (and the current Z) are old as
And your point is?

The car's deep into stress testing now, which wasn't the case (ahem) a few years ago, and there is a coupe mule that is among the test vehicles (see the photo in the original post). Rumors from multiple places are saying Toyota's version of the coupe will be badged a Supra.

If SCOTT26's still saying this at this point, that means it's likely still in BMW's plans, which makes positioning the coupe in the marketplace very, very interesting -- particularly since it'll almost certainly be built in Austria in limited numbers. See this thread for reference -- there are a number of folks on this board who are desperate to see a coupe version of the Z5 but have no idea what niche it would fill.
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