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Originally Posted by CarlosIsDead View Post
Idk how I feel about aftermarket exhaust with them being so spendy and I have a friend who has a 335 exhaust which is the look I'm going for. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on going custom exhaust with y piping or go 335i? I want that look but I hear about muffler delete and idk about anything else lol please help
Go for the 335 muffler swap. Any decent muffler shop can do this switch for about $150. I did this awhile ago and have had 0 issues. I like the dual outlet look while still being able to keep the exhaust flap closed in comfort and open in sport mode which you don't get with a lot of aftermarket exhausts. Overall the swap to a 335 exhaust is a pretty good bang for the buck mod. Just make sure to get a dual outlet rear diffuser.