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Now that the entire unredacted conversation will be released the Democrats are not interested in it. They want the testimony of the whistle blower who was not privy to the conversation.

This country will not survive as long as one party actually puts themselves above the country.

I believe it is possible that the Tree of Liberty will be refreshed by the blood of Patriots. I never thought I would say that.

Originally Posted by LogicalApex View Post
Irrespective of your political stance I can't see how anyone can be OK with the stonewalling from the White House in these congressional inquires. If there is nothing but a witch hunt occurring then the best thing to do would be to give the requested evidence then let it reveal the absurdity of the claims, but what has been done so far is setting very troubling precedents if left unchecked. matter as long as the other team loses.
He wanted to release the transcript from the beginning.

The only precedent here is the DemocRatic howling wolves trying to remove the President the people elected by trying (any failing) to put forth facts.