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Originally Posted by vreihen16 View Post
I can answer this in two words: SOCIAL MEDIA. The fringe whack jobs attract others, and get all of the attention of the 21st century's lazy "cut and paste from Twitter and call it news" media. Moderates get no attention, so consider polarized candidates to be the norm for the foreseeable future.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to reading that breaking news article about Kim Kardashian's stretch marks.....
If moderates are going to get no attention, we all are in big trouble...
Maybe when Kanye is president CNN can carry the stretching of Kim's stretch marks live? Ewww....

Originally Posted by Dave 90TT View Post
It's typical primaries. They swing far left (or right, for the Republican primaries) to get the vote, and then swing towards the center for the national election.

That said, it seems like for 2020, there really isn't a Democrat candidate that is even close to center. This will likely result in many people, including myself, holding our noses and voting Trump, because the alternative is so terrible. Just like 2016.
Agreed. Trump was not my first choice in 2016, but I did vote for him in the general. As of now, and while holding my nose again, he is my only choice for 2020.