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Originally Posted by Skyhigh View Post
Originally Posted by floridaorange View Post
I reckon it's been long enough that plenty of members have tried x-delete.

Any thoughts on 30+ hp gain? This seems so far fetched it makes me question the legitimacy of the app to be honest.

And I definitely want to know how to flash back to stock xdrive, not x-deletes version of x-drive, I never thought of that.
Couldn't agree more with all of it!

My thoughts:

User experience: I suspect most who tried it went back to XDrive for the winter. Long-term experience is probably not to be expected before next summer.

hp gain: unrealistic for any noticeable increase. Someone already provided a good explanation why you may observe some gain on a stand. IF there was an undoubtedly verifiable gain, be sure that XDelete would be writing it with big letters multiple times on every page of the brochure, as this is a powerful selling argument... Make up your own mind why they are not advertising with that...

X-Delete XDrive: This is currently a big showstopper IMO. Somewhere in their (quite chaotic and ambiguous) paperwork, XDelete themselves stated that XDrive varies not only between models, but even within the same model, between engine types. I don't know if that is true, but if it is, than how can the XDelete's XDrive not be (potentially) different from stock!?

I must admit I might be willing to give it a try but only if I can revert back to Stock.
It's called backing, up and altering code. All of it is versioned. Bootmod3, MHD, all doe the same thing. It's not as if any of these tuners write the tune from scratch. It's always just passing different arguments to existing code. Existing code that BMW wrote. Please stop the fear mongering.
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