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It's not that significant honestly. I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you do get pulled over for any reason, however, you'll likely be cited and required to register the vehicle in the proper state.
I have only ever had one complaint. Every year, we have what is called "Rolling Thunder" along the I-85 and I-26 corridor. That is where you have all these different counties converge in our area for about two weeks in an effort to catch drug trafficking. They are quite successful I may add.

But I honestly dread it as numerous times while driving home from work..especially in my Corvette...I would have an officer come "flying" up on me out of nowhere and just tail-gate me a few miles before instantly whipping off at an exit to turn around. It's like they were waiting on me to do something wrong.

I'm the guy that's always doing the speed limit..sometimes a couple mph under....but the way they drive could be looked at as reckless driving.

Last year...I had one guy ride just a few feet off my bumper for at least 5 minutes or so....I felt like screaming get off my a$$...or pull me over.

Now most of the LE in my county know me and my car. I'm very good friends with all of them from either class, knowing my brother,..hell even the Sheriff and a few people came to my daughters wedding.

But those out of area guys are intense. Now I just find an alternate route home when this is going on.
That's an interesting approach they've taken to combat trafficking. I can't quite remember a time where I've seen allied agencies behave or enforce in that manner, but I suppose that it probably happens somewhere in my state. I'm almost certain that the officers bumper-humping you were running your plates for wants/warrants.