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Originally Posted by Skyhigh View Post
Don't assume, inform yourself first! See what XDelete are stating. They state no backing up. It is an XDelete Xdrive mode.
If I am wrong - let me be proven wrong, I'd be happy to. I'm only stating what's already on their facebook page.

Apart from that - feel free to do whatever you want on your car with or without thinking, as you can and prefer. Let others think for themselves however.
No assumptions are being made. Even if they don't provide a backup to the user, their "tune" uses the stock code as a base and builds on top of that. I am a software engineer.

They would not build the protocols or module code that reads sensors, bmw has already done that. Any of these tuners simply change what the bmw code expects from certain sensors. "Hey DME don't close the wastegate until this LOAD READING" or "keep dumping fuel until you reach this AFR". All they are changing is the load reading or AFR to expect.

For Xdelete it's simply "dont close this clutch" in the transfer case" or "don't send torque to these wheels even though these other wheels are slipping this %". For comparison a JB4 will spoof the values some sensors are reading.

You don't need to propagate your own fears to everyone else becuase YOU can't grasp readily available information, or do your own research. Xdelete is a proven application installed on thousands of cars for several years.

You sound like the religious zealot clamoring about the world's end in a subway stop.
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