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Your profession at least explains the 2-dimensional thinking...
Whilst you still make pure assumptions, they are not unreasonable. The question you are clearly failing to ask yourself however is WHERE the source data is coming from (not your problem as a software engineer, right?).

Option 1: It is downloaded from the subject vehicle, modified and compiled in real time and overwritten on the controller

Option 2: It has been extracted from any random F3x 2 years ago, modified by XDelete and all you do is overwrite your stock SW (which may very well deviate from the one XDelete based theirs on)

Now you tell me, as a SW engineer, which of the 2 options is more likely, given that the whole procedure is done via any commercial smartphone within minutes!?

And I quote XDelete again that there are differences in XDrive's distribution (ruleset) even within one model, depending on the engine. (I personally don't know if that is true)

Once again - never assume! If you call yourself an engineer, the only assumption you should ever make is that you do not know everything. That will always be a correct one.

And last but not least - I was actually responding to the "fears" a.k.a. as thoughts of another user here. Your opinion and assumptions are well noted.
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