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I recently repaired a f30 335i xdrive, it was essentially the same damage. All front end damage, hood, bumper, rad support, cooling system, etc. this was also an M sport which has tons more cooling system components.

To be honest, in all, I spent about $4000 to repair the entire vehicle with all of the parts brand new, except for the hood and front bumper which I got used and same color as vehicle so I didn't need to get paint match. Mine did not have airbags deployed so didn't have to run into that issue. But I can I say that it is not as difficult as some might say. As long as there is no frame damage it's just like a puzzle. I have never rebuilt a car before this was my first, but I do my own repairs and maintenance usually on my own cars.

I'm not sure how much a shop would charge for your damage, but I know the vehicle I rebuilt, the body shop it was at before being determined as total loss, estimated about $14k and that's with out airbags deployed.
Airbags for the 3 I see are just under $3k, dashboard $2500+ and you have to completely disassemble interior to replace....and also new steering wheel etc, so your $14k just went over $20k in parts (plus labor for those additional parts) alone.

I assure you the interior is not for the faint of heart where one incorrect or missed plug will cause your car not to start.......and you get to uninstall and troubleshoot. The front bumper is a walk in the park compared to the interior.
Nvm forget what I said then I didn't have any of that lol. Mine was simply just body work, cooling system, radiator support, headlights, reinforcement bar, etc...

Mine was a walk in the park, sorry OP. Doesn't seem like yours is as easy of a walk. Go through the insurance; good luck!