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Originally Posted by PichaDis11 View Post
This repair can certainly be done for cheaper but you'd have to grab your tool kit and source your parts. Spoken as a DIYER. My insurance rates have always rise no matter what so I see what you have on your hands. And I have no accidents.

you do not necessarily have to go with all brand new parts either. I agree go brand new with the airbags (I don't think getbmwparts will ship you an airbag so check with them). Get a front clip from a rear ended f30 and you are practically in the clear. The most you need to do now is map out what exactly you'll need by taking it apart what's broken and what isn't. That budget will be out of wack if you are just grabbing parts just because. Anything broken on the engine? seem the tow bar did not do much damage under but just folded the hood like tin foil.
The tow hitch went straight into the coolant tank
I bought this car like 2 years ago cuz of the supra hype. Someday itll be a 900 awhp beast. Maybe?