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Originally Posted by bcl0328 View Post
why does 15k scare you? i'm over 10k miles with original oil. these engines are meant for it, they were designed that way. times have changed.
BMW and people like you might be right about being OK with 15k mile oil changes. After finding out a 2.0L engine taking 5qts of oil kinda explains why... but I still will change the oil around 4~5k miles regards what other people say. like I have stated on the original post, I found small bits of metal in the bottom of the old oil. Yes the oil filter will filter it out but 100% of them? not so sure... I just don't like having $hit inside my engines for long time and 15k miles is long time.

It's your car, you can do wtv with it. Earlier engine oil changes doesn't hurt me (time wise or financial wise) in anyway nor the car. So why not? It's not like I am giving engine oil change every 1000 miles right? haha