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I changed the oil and filter on my 328i this past Saturday, at 1500 miles. Before I put in the new oil, I poured the old oil from my catch pan into the 5 quart jug I use for recycling, and it was almost exactly 5 quarts (so that's how much I added back in). When I was buying the oil and filter at the BMW dealer, the guy at the parts counter insisted that it was going to take 6.5 quarts, which I found hard to believe. Oh well, now I have two spare quarts on my shelf.

My one surprise was the plastic engine oil pan. I know I read that the N20 had a plastic pan some time ago, but frankly I had forgotten that fact. Does the N55 have a plastic oil pan too? The weight savings is a good thing, but I wonder if anyone has ever managed to break one.
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