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Originally Posted by Yobyot View Post
I have a MY12 F30 335i that's arriving next week and I've begun investigating winter wheels and tires for it.

Tire Rack offered me a -1 (225/50R17) package of some fugly wheels, Michelin RFT snow plus TPMS sensors, mounting balancing and shipping for about $1700.

A guy in the BMWCCA is selling a set of four style 189 OEM 18" wheels plus some shoddy non-RFT snows for $500.

So, it's a toss up between buying the OEM wheels and fitting them with trustworthy tires (and optionally new TPMS sensors) versus buying the Tire Rack package.

Does anyone know what happens in the F30 if there aren't TPMS sensors in the wheels? If I buy non-RFT tires for the OEM wheels, I am not sure I need TPMS sensors because I could instantly tell if a tire is flat (and I'm manic about checking tire pressure at least monthly).

What do you think?
I would guess that a TPMS light will come on in the dash, but nothing more. I haven't heard of a car that is equipped with TPMS and by removing the TPMS, causes any sort of real problems. Never hurts to confirm though!

Let's hear it from someone who has put wheels on with no TPMS