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Originally Posted by tiltmode43 View Post
I would guess that a TPMS light will come on in the dash, but nothing more. I haven't heard of a car that is equipped with TPMS and by removing the TPMS, causes any sort of real problems. Never hurts to confirm though!

Let's hear it from someone who has put wheels on with no TPMS
Yeah, I suspected the light would be on. But would it stop there? For example, if you have BMW Assist (and I do), would this "check condition" cause it to call the dealer, as it's supposed to do when a malfunction is noted?

Worse -- and more speculatively -- would it cause the safety systems like ABS and DTC to change behaviors?

These cars are heavily digital. The wheels are there just to keep the computers from scraping the road. I doubt anyone really knows what the impact of no TPMSs would be in the car.

Still, it would be crazy, wouldn't it, to engineer a car so that something else failed if the TPMS sensors failed or were not present.

Maybe I can code the car to turn off a TPMS warning.
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