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Originally Posted by roundel335 View Post
The statement about allowing "Dinan to void my factory warranty" just isn't true. While Dinan offers a parallel warranty, it does not void your factory warranty. Anything that Dinan's software upgrade might be responsible for will be covered by Dinan; anything else is still covered by the factory warranty. I've had Dinan software in all 3 of my 3-series cars since 2001, and I have never ever had a problem with warranty or any other issue with my cars. The dealers I have worked with sell and support Dinan, so that may be why I've been problem-free as far as coverage goes. Besides, Dinan's tune levels (aside from S3) are not likely to cause any real issues. They never have for me, including the S3 I now have in my E92.

That said, as soon as S2 is available for the F30 335i, I'll be having that installed on my F30 M-Sport. The PPK will add maybe 20HP; the Dinan software will add quite a bit more for nearly the same price. $1700 for 20 hp/26 tq and some stickers or $1995 for 55 hp/100 tq? Seems like an easy choice.
I think the Dinan tune DOES void your BMW warranty. That is why if you have the Dinan tune you cannot get your car CPO'd through BMW.