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Originally Posted by tojo_m View Post
Now that it appears that the PPK is likely going to be offered just for the M-Sport line, I was wondering if Dinan is reasonable alternative for folks (with non-M sports) who would like to retain warranty, yet get a tune.

Dinan's warranty is not the same as factory warranty. There have been threads where people claimed that upon engine/transmission failure it might be possible to get stuck between Dinan and BMW dealer, each blaming the other and not accepting to do the repair under their respective warranties.

Would you be willing to take this risk, if the BMW dealer is also a Dinan authorized center?

Here in AZ, no BMW dealers do Dinan jobs anymore. Would you take the risk if the Dinan center is not a BMW dealer?

From experience in AZ, don't go with Dinan for a few reasons.

1. There are only 2 authorized Dinan dealers in AZ, both in Phoenix.....and they're both not great. The dealer in Scottsdale is run by a lying crook.

2. When BMW does a software update to your car you'll have to drag your butt back to a Dinan dealer to get your car reflashed if the update erases the tune. I had to drop my car off for at least half a day to a day probably 4 times a year. Very annoying.

3. You pay a huge premium for Dinan which isn't worth it anymore because you don't get the benefit in Arizona of having your car's powertrain be warranty-able directly by BMW, and I have read of instances where both Dinan and BMW refused to warranty someone's car problems and both played the blame game.

4. Due to #2 and #3, I would wait and get a tune that comes on a handheld device that plugs into your car like the one ESS Tuning has for the E90 series cars. You'll get better performance gains, pay half as much, and won't have to go out of your way to get your car reflashed at a Dinan center multiple times per year.