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Wow you guys are obvious a VERY awesome bunch. Thank you so much for the immediate and helpful responses. I wish to address some of them one by one.

@ sean10mm: you CAN upgrade the standard M-Sport suspension to the Adaptive M for around $1000 in Australia. I agree that if car was built with performance in mind, it should be EB2 on black interior, with Adaptive suspension, VSS and the M Brakes, nothing else is necessary to achieve Ultimate sporting pleasure. However I do prefer some luxury as well as I won't want to ruin the car by thrashing it every weekend.

@webdither: the 9 speaker system with 200W amp is stock on a 328i here. You don't think the DAB+ will be noticeable on such a system?

@DerekS: nice item by item breakdown. I agree very much that the M Sport really happens with lighter colours. I don't like grey, white, silver and red is just too LOOK AT ME so that really only leaves me with black or blue. I've seen some black M Sport on the net and it seems that black goes better with one of the Lines, at least you get chrome that stands out. Mate, thanks for reminding that we are getting ripped off for a lot of things in OZ... $350 for M Brakes in Canada vs $1000 here? Ludicrous.

@john08135i I take it that you're a gadget guy. Did you by any chance pick any performance enhancing options?

@UAM951 Yeah the comfort access thing is almost standard across the facelifted E90s cars for sale in the car yards now. May be in 3 year time, it would be strange for a top end Bimmer not to have it. Personally though, I don't think it would as important compared to performance enhancement or a big Pro Nav screen.

@hans007 Wow thanks for the tip. I was actually leaning towards EB2 on beige.. if you saw it in person and said it's horrible...

F30AM Yes, another voice for the Adaptive Suspension! Looks like it will definitely make it into my list. You are absolutely right about the dirty yellowing bit after use as I have the same beige in my current E46 and it has gone a bit funny the day I bought it when it was 6 years old. Still, if they weren't so limited on interior choices I would have gone for the Oyster/black interior!

Seagull Hey glad you mentioned Comfort Access as well. At $850 though, it just seems a bit too steep for what it offers me. Can anyone confirm that you CAN still start the car without inserting the key into the ignition if you didn't have CA optioned? Oh the HUD debate in my head ensues. The Powers arrayed against the HUD as a top pick appears strong indeed. Looks like another vote for EB2 from you.