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Originally Posted by MaestroAl View Post
Hovering around the 20s is just depressing. It's what prompted me to get rid of the MPS even though I've loved this car more than any of the other twenty or so I've had.

my old man's about to retire and looking to buy his "dream car" to keep for the foreseeable future. He's currently favouring a Porsche Panamera to replace his 530DGT and whilst it's an epic car, 20mpg has gotta grate over the years ... but then you consider cruising to his house in the Dordogne in a Panamera and suddenly it makes sense
Been their and got the t-shirt, yes it does "grate" even when you can easily afford it, I remember when I bought the M6 and the wife never usually drives my cars so does not know just how much they cost me, however on this occasion she needed to use the M6 which had just been brimmed ( she was with me at the time) anyway 240Miles later she was on the phone in London saying " the car's packed up, it's dead and the fuel gauge reads zero".
I said you've run it out of fuel, she hit the roof, after getting it sorted she never asked to use the car ever again and at very filling station "I got it in the neck" It had to go soon after for piece of mind and the fact I was going deaf.
These cars are great BUT the times they get "stretched" in a year you can count on one hand and they end up a status symbol rather than a usable tool. Yes I can run them but I ask myself WHY now when most cars can do 70/90 MPH!!! without having one eye in the rearview mirror.
Live for now, life is too short.
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