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Originally Posted by dopper99 View Post
From what you have described, sounds like you did the right thing, especially with adaptive. Have you gone for variable sports steering too?

I agree like you, I'm done with revving the nuts off cars to get performance from it. Nothing wrong with a high revving petrol engine and they do sound better but day to day, a diesel is easier to live with 95% of the time IMO in terms of performance on tap.

Interesting to hear the 335d still felt a bit quicker than a F30 330d despite the 330d 0-60 being quicker. To be expected though as the bhp and torque is more in the 335d.
No I didn't go for the VSS, did a lot of research on it and it seemed to only really make a difference when the wheel is turned past a certain point, and is mainly for very tight turns and also parking, so I didn't think there'd be much of a benefit, had to rein in the options somewhere!!

Definitely; the 35i engine is sublime - it was a nice change for me from the diesel - but in the end, the diesel engine's advantages far outweighed the petrol's advantages. I will feel like I'm coming home with the diesel I think, I really missed the 335d when it went. I tried to convince myself that the sound and responsiveness made up for it, but in the end, it didn't.

Yes definitely, the 330d didn't push you back in the seat half as much when in kick-down. As well as the smallish difference in bhp, and even smaller difference in torque; with the 330d getting significantly better mpg (57 vs 42 for the 335d), I guess the engine may be set up differently to be ale to achieve that mpg? Again, the 0-60 puts the 330d significantly quicker than the 335d (5.6 vs 5.9, and actually mine was the old pre-Efficient Dynamics 335d, which I believe was even slower than that), so the figures speak for themselves; but simply from its power delivery, and the feeling it gave you, subjectively, it didn't feel as urgent. But at lower speeds and lower revs, unless kicking-down, I'd say it was pretty much identical.

All in all, I think I'd still have got the 330d this time even if a new 335d was available; it seems a brilliant compromise!