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Originally Posted by wayman519
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Just wanted to thank all the F30 owners here. It's been a pleasure serving on this forum for the past 8 months .

I'm trading in my F30 for an M3, and despite that I will end up with shit load of negative equity, there is nothing more worth than the piece of mind.

Here is why I did it, the F30 is a great car but I had many problems with it given its a first production car, and despite of bringing the car in multiple times I still had some issues remaining such as the vibration, faulty alarm signals and rattling and squeaking in the cabin. I felt that it wasn't worth all this money in paying for it. The new M4 is not coming out in 2 years or so and the historic V8 engine of the E92 M3 is going out of production. Although I was planning to trade in my F30 for the new M4 in the future, I realized that it will be history repeating it self, basically getting another first production car and facing the same problems that might come with the first production of M4. I think keeping the M3 for the longest it takes for the new M4 to settle down is where I'm headed. Then ill think of the trade then.

Merry Christmas
Hey sorry to hear but the M3 will put the smile back on your face. BTW did you lemon your F30? Is BMW giving you back all your money for the F30 towards the M3 or are you taking a serious hit on what you paid for the F30?

I really would like to know how BMW handled your situation!
It was a huge hassle with those guys. They kept taking it in for repair. They called me over and over again. Finally they had to replace the whole steering system. Still the problem exists. They sent a specific guy from nj to check it.