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Originally Posted by stupot View Post
Unless something changes with the general public the whole difference in price will come back to you at trade in time, maybe more. The dealer will welcome a diesel as a trade in but will run a mile from a petrol. Getting a trade underwrite on a petrol BMW is near impossible.

Oh blardy ell......

Do you think it might change with the 328i though given that (in the quoted figures at least) it seems to give such great economy for such performance?

Looking at the values of the petrol E9x 325i's and 330i's they did seem to fall off a cliff compared with the diesels.

Hopefully since the 328 seems much more economical, we won't see the same drop off - just looking at say, the VAG line of "semi-eco" petrols (the TSI models), they seem to have held their prices reasonably well.