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Originally Posted by speedf View Post
OK, just an update to my previous post where I had this "No signal" problem......

Although I haven't yet got the car back from the dealer, speaking to them today they reckon the problem has been solved by replacing the screen and not replacing the radio. Perhaps there's a couple of issues here that result in "No Signal" being displayed....

If, when I get the car, the problem re-occurs I'll report back here.
Have you had this problem again since getting your car back?

My 2012 F30, leased in July, has been having this problem sporadically. The NO SIGNAL message often goes away after a few minutes, after which iDrive works normally. But today the message appeared after I cut the ignition, and stayed on after I closed and locked the doors.

Anyone else have updates on this issue? I'd sure like to get the right parts replaced the first time.