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Originally Posted by r3dbimmer89 View Post

It's so funny to see all the F30 owners justify their biased opinions on the ATS beating the F30. Let's be real here guys.... the ATS is a better SPORTS SEDAN. I emphasis sport because that was the whole point of the 3 series formula. To provide near sports car like performance from a sedan. Credit is due when deserved.

BTW Cadillac benchmarked the E46 not the E90 because the head engineer at GM in charge of the Alpha platform believes that the E46 was the ultimate sports sedan and lost sight of that with the E90 and went way out the park with the F30.

I figured this was going to happen the minute I drove the F30.
You JUST wrote that you had not driven an ATS.
Thus, your conclusion is based on what?
It's based on accepting the conclusion of this review.
That's not a slight on the reviewer, he simply states what he actually experienced.
I do think that people should reserve opinion until they've actually driven the car.
You otoh are as guilty of a biased opinion even though it makes you laugh when others do it.
SO, laugh at yourself, I know laughing at you.