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Originally Posted by disintegrator66 View Post
Still looking for owner feedback on this CAI kit. Please share your thoughts. Thx
Installed this weekend. Took about an hour, but I was very careful as I was taking things apart. Biggest issue for me was getting the factory air box clips off the bottom of the air box.

It looks awesome when it's installed. Fitment is perfect and you can tell a lot of development hours were spent.

Performance wise, it's a little bit louder. If you are looking for wooshy turbo sounds this isn't the intake for you. However, I went out last night for a couple pulls in the cold weather and the car does seem like it's got a little more bam-bam through the midrange. I also noticed my exhaust was popping a little more than usual.. that could just be the cold air though.

The only thing I think I'm disappointed in would be the scratches left on the CF cover from the clips when you open the airbox. I probably could have been more careful, but I think if I had to do it again I'd probably make a little square of some protective wrap for the clips to sit on.