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Originally Posted by speedski View Post
Kia's 7 year warranty is all inclusive for three and limited for 4-7 - the 4-7 period is like the AUC warranty from BMW.

Surprised Kia are still getting away with calling it 7 years - ask any dealer and they will tell you after 3 years the approval process is 'can we put it to wear and tear - if so refuse claim'
Nothing like a laclk of facts getting in the way of reality. I ve had warranty claimes every year from KIA - corroded diamond cut alloys and never had a problem. They also replaced a cracked spring in year 5 off their own bat. No problems

Anyway as I said to Alex, I was not debating Kiaís warranty, which btw is better than BMWs, but the stupid claim that keeping a car for more than 3 years is a massive risk, which it isnít.