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Originally Posted by Goneinsixtyseconds View Post
Who's twisting? I just acknowledged yours were small in the last post, but it doesn't mean all the things that can go wrong have to be small. Warranty companies charge what they charge because not all claims are small. But you conveniently ignored that part.

I don't insure for anything I could afford to fix or replace without too much pain. Never paid insurance on electrical goods, and never bought all the extra cover offered when buying a car, dents, tyres etc.

But, I do buy insurance for things that would impact my lifestyle, or my families, if the worst was to happen. And a big out of warranty repair on a car would do just that. It can be, and often is in the thousands for some repairs.

You are welcome to have your opinion that it's not a "massive" risk. That is up to you. I'm entitled, as are others, to decide for themselves how big they think that risk is.

Unless you think the warranty companies are out there making huge profits, the numbers prove that there is at least a reasonable risk involved.

I avoid having to make the decision about wasted money, or good value, on an extended warranty, by getting my car on a pcp, not a lease and changing before the warranty runs out.

Costs me nothing extra, as leases for the high miles that I do are generally less competitive anyway. 10,000 mile pa leases are good value, 25,000 not so good.

You are absolutely right * Happy now?

* drop in truck loads of sarcasm here.