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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Quickest sedan I can believe. Certainly not the fastest.

I am curious what you are referring to. To my knowledge, the Model 3 is not slated to get more powerful "engines" (really, motors) any time soon. The performance model already makes 450hp. I could see a power bump up closer to 500hp at some point, but I would not expect it to ever get anywhere near the 779hp of the current Model S P100D.
With Tesla Expect any new idea to take place without prior planning, if they put the P100D motors on the Model 3 it will be mental, I am not sure even if they might sacrifice the battery size since Elon Musk already talking about performance version of the roadster so Tesla is really moving toward the niche of getting Speed addicted motor-head to buy their cars. I guess only Time will tell