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Good comparison review. I agree with others - credit to Caddy for building such a car that would be described as "more fun to drive than a 3-series". "More fun to drive" is usually a term used to separate the 3-series from the likes of the C-class, A4, G37, IS350, etc. But I suspect that the ATS' magnetic ride control, LSD, standard Brembo's and chassis give it a slight advantage in terms of performance. Meanwhile it looks/sounds like BMW retains its advantage in engine (though I've read that their 2.0T is a little noisier than the Caddy's) and transmission delivery and package.

From what I've seen and read so far (without driving either one yet) my opinion is that the ATS looks more luxurious but drives more sporty, while the F30 looks more sporty and drives more refined. I like and am attracted to both cars and will seriously consider both before buying next year. Looks are subjective of course, but I'm one of those that likes the looks of both cars. Driving them both back-to-back would be interesting (necessary) and I certainly plan to do that at some point. That and the price would be the deciding factors for me. However, I've always dreamt of owning/driving a BMW 3-series since E36 generation.

Kuddos to Caddy for developing this car that will challenge the 3-series.