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My driver's side (left) fog lamp cracked (I assume it was a rock). Unfortunately the lens itself cannot be replaced. The entire fog lamp assembly needs to be replaced. I ordered a replacement assembly from FCP Euro for ~$70 shipped. It even included a new bulb!

I also ordered some lamin-x clear protective film, precut for F30/31 fog lamps, as an attempt to avoid further fog lamp assembly replacements.

Install was very simple. I removed the driver's side (left) wheel to make it easier on myself. I think it only took 30 minutes, start to finish. Installing the precut lamin-x was also easy. Clean the lenses thoroughly and apply the film. ~5 minutes or less.

Cracked lens:

Wheel removed (mmmm, brakes):

Splash guard removed (~10 screws). The fog lamp assembly is only held by 2 T25 torx bolts:

All fixed!

New vs old: