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Originally Posted by
Your pulls are too short .. You need to start at 2500 RPM till redline for 2 gears consecutive.
I understand your need to ask for a data set with perfect parameters, but you do realize even if you get EXACTLY what you are asking for is doesn't matter right?

You CAN NOT accurately compare data derived from one vehicle to another. Too many variables such as the vehicle condition, weather conditions, road conditions, etc. That's like trying to compare two different cars being dyno'd on two different dyno's in two different locations on two different days.

The graphs a few post's ago show that this intercooler is an improvement over stock. They did a pull with the stock intercooler, removed it, installed the new intercooler and did the pulls again. On the same car. That's an accurate test. Period. It showed almost a 40 degree drop in IAT's over stock. That's an improvement.

If you're so hell bent on disproving that this intercooler is inferior to others, buy one yourself and do accurate testing on your own. Install a stock intercooler and log data. Then install the eBay intercooler and log data. Then install the intercooler you're so vigorously defending and log data. Make sure your pulls are all done exactly the same. Time, road, weather and all conditions should be identical. Then and only then can you make whatever judgement you like. Until then you're coming off REALLY bad in this thread.

Also, these perfect pulls where you start from 2500rpm and shift to redline for 2-3 gears that you are asking for from other people is asking people to break the law on public roads and put other drivers at risk. Just saying.