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Originally Posted by kpeng View Post
There's no reasoning with Michel. I think it has been well established that the intercooler is an improvement over stock. I also drove 600 miles round-trip last weekend, and the car pulled hard and felt fine the entire time.

Like I've said time and time before, there is a reason why he keeps asking for more data and then poking holes in it every time. There's also a reason why he's the ONLY one. Dude is so threatened by this, he can't keep his mouth shut. I agree with you, if Michel is so unsatisfied with it all, maybe he should buy one and do his own comparisons. Meanwhile, I'm still trying to figure out why he claims up and down that the Wagner is better despite admitting he hasn't even seen the eBay one in person.
Please show me where I said this is not an improvement over stock

I keep asking for more data because you need accurate data to know how much an FMIC offers. You are driven by price , others are driven by results, quality,etc...