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Originally Posted by TANG2864 View Post
i think its time to put this thread down. the 200$ fmic is not even available anymore im pretty sure.

For those who can find the deal and are wondering if the aftermarket ebay fmic is better than the stock, the answer is YES.

I have one myself, installed it, and although i have no logs, I felt a slight difference.

Is the fmic as good as other name brands that vendors here are defending?
maybe, maybe not, but lets jsut put it this way, if you are shopping for a 200$ intercooler, the likelyhood of you shopping for an 800+$ intercooler is probably not high, so just buy the $200 fmic, and be better than stock and call it a day

unless one of the vendors are willing to put some company money or personal money and test this intercooler with a stock, the ebay one , and the wagner one (that it is replicating), with the specific redline pulls through multiple gears, on the same car, with the same conditions, , I think that all this arguing and drama over which intercoolers fit and finish or performance is stupid.

SO unless someone has all three fmic's and is going to post the logs after testing all three, I think we should just /thread this.
I agree with everything you have said