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Originally Posted by FSociety View Post
I'm 100% with you, but you know its much easier to spend $149 on Dragy a Performance Meter throw it on a flat surface whether track or whatever. Test out your 0-60mph, 1/4mile, 1/2mile, 62-124mph(100-200KM) or 60-130mph back to back and throughout weeks with different fuels/weather/tires than spending the same time and more money on a Dyno

From my experience I have about 20 Dyno Pulls on my baby Mustang and Dynojet, but dyno's are the ones that can vary more than your 0-60mph why?
For ex with Dragy has 1% slope whereas Vbox has 3%, which means Dragy is even more realistic

AFR/Boost/Rpms you see this with a proper log a Dyno will only show you a single gear log, unless you're able to go to a real dynoer tuner who will run through multiple gears ?

But i agree both are equally good to me, some cars put a good Dyno show but do not represent it when it comes to putting the number in the street then what good does it do ?
As of 2018 I am now happy of seeing faster times with the Performance Meters with bm3 logging as I get to see the full picture

We should prob do a local dyno day before summer talk to you on whatsapp

Welll some of us have balls of steel lmao . Jersey Crew

Yes I definitely agree that street tuning is better marker where with a dyno you are dynoing on one gear and dynos vary. I would do logging on the street and also on the dyno. Its just that these cars are so fast sometimes after a tune that it's too dangerous to do a 3rd gear pull on the street for some. I know I know Im an old bastard,! Lol So the safe option is the dyno. Street tuning is great for tuning drivability and WOT but be careful.

Summer dyno day is a fantastic idea as well
2k15 335i Msport xdrive 6spd
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